Suspect front Suspect back
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• Rooms: 57
• Vocabulary: 674 words
• Objects: 43
• Opcodes: 10737
• Product Code: IM3
• Box: Standard Grey, Trilogy

Additional information:

The cover design and the illustrations in the manual were done by famous artist Alan Cober, who at that time was already very well known for his work at "New Yorker" magazine and others publications. Alan Cober died on January 17, 1998 due to a heart attack.

"Suspect" is also another case of "the cover was not ready when the catalog had to be printed" - the image in the 1984 catalog is only a prototype.

For the promotion of the game during the 1985 Consumer Electronics Show ("CES") Infocom rented a mansion and invited 5000 people as "murder suspects."

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