Suspect front Suspect back
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• Author: Dave Lebling
• Released: 1984
• Genre: Mystery
• Difficulty: Advanced

Halloween night.

You are a guest at a very exclusive party: the annual Costume Ball at Ashcroft Farm. You are mingling with society's blue bloods and power brokers, sampling caviar and champagne, and enjoying the fine orchestra and the outlandish costumes. Quite a treat for a newspaper reporter like you - until someone plays a nasty trick on you.

You're framed for a murder you didn't commit

You'll have a hard time convincing the police of your innocence. You'll have to figure out who did the heinous crime, and why. You'll need irrefutable proof. The murderer is no doubt watching your every move. But you have only a few hours to escape the trap that's been laid for you.

The murderer is in your midst, laughing behind your back.

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