ZorkQuest I
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• Author: Elisabeth Langosy (with Tom Snyder Productions)
• Released: 1988
• Genre: Infocomics
• Difficulty: -

A magic amulet leads a small caravan of travellers to mysterious Egreth Castle, the moldering lair of trolls, hobgoblins, night gaunts, and a diabolical wizard!

The tales of these characters and many others are intricately intertwined, their paths merging here and diverging there. The end result is a cleverly fascinating story made up of the labyrinth-like structure of the various characters' story lines. Infocomics allow you to wander through this structure, following any character's tale and branching to another's whenever their paths intersect. At every turn, another piece or another perspective is added to the overall story in an enlightening and often surprising way. The plot thereby delightfully unfolds in a manner that is totally unique to this new storytelling medium.

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