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• Author: Dave Lebling
• Released: 1985
• Genre: Fantasy
• Difficulty: Expert

Welcome to the World of the Enchanter saga - a world founded on magic, where guilds of magicians have mastered the powers of sorcery; a world now threatened with destruction.

You distinguished yourself among the young Enchanters by defeating the evil warlock Krill, whose attempt to subjugate the land was thwarted by your clerverness, as your inexperience allowed you to succeed where others might fave failed. This earned you a place on the Circle of Enchanters, second only to the great Belbox the Necromancer. Then Belboz himself was nearly destroyed, and your rescue of him from the evil demon Jeearr earned you the ultimate honor given a mage, the leadership of the Circle of Enchanters.

Now, a crisis has befallen the kingdom. Magic itself seems to be failing. Spells fail to work or go strangely awry, the populace is confused and restive, and even the Enchanters Guild is baffled. And it is at this conclave that the final conflict between good and evil begins to unfold.

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