Journey front Journey back
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• Author: Marc Blank
• Released: 1989
• Genre: Chronicles
• Difficulty: Standard

A shadow of evil has fallen over the land. The crops are blighted, the earth scorched from lack of rain. Disease and famine ravage the once-prosperous people, whose hope of salvation fades with each passing day. The only hope left is to find the wizard Astrix, in faint hope that he will emerge from his distant solitude and offer his assistance. A party was dispatched, but they haven't been heard from since their departure months ago. Now, with winter's hardships looming on the horizon, a second expedition has been assembled and will soon embark on a fateful Journey into the unknown.

The party of four is led by Bergon, a strong and fair man and a carpenter by trade. The Wizard, Praxis, wise yet unpredictable, provides the party with a knowledge of lore and magic. Esher, the well-respected (if somehwat curmudgeonly) physician, has also been asked to make the trek. Finally, Tag, an apprentice food merchant, has agreed to tend to the party's provisions and to make a diary of its adventures. The tale is told by Tag and the story of your Journey is seen through his eyes.

Whether your party meets the fate of its predecessors or returns triumphant is in your hands. In Journey, the decisions you make for the party and its members are woven into an epic tale of danger and mystery, of breathtaking beauty and heartbreaking loss, of desperate struggle and, finally, of ultimate triumph.

Your Journey will provide you with many hours of enjoyment and many hundreds of difficult decisions. But unlike other games you may have played, there are virtually no dead ends. Any action you take will advance the story toward one of its many endings. But there is only one ending that is the best. To lead the party to its ultimate victory is a challenge worthy of only the most brave and most clever adventurer.

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