Answers to Fooblitzky Puzzle

Assuming that the two 16-fooble items are different, the 4 right items must be a banana, a light bulb, an eyedropper, and a saw. If the two 16-fooble items can be the same, another possibility exists: namely, the 4 right items could be a banana, a snake, a saw, and another saw.

There are many ways to figure this out. For those of you who are completely stumped, look again at Player 2's visit to the City Hall. He's carrying 3 items, and 2 of them are right. Since the light bulb and the snake can both be right items (since they both cost 8 foobles), the banana must be a right item. And since the banana is a right item, no other 4-fooble item can be right. And because we know that either the light bulb or the snake is right, we know that the other 8-fooble items can't be right. Thus, from Player 4's visit to City Hall, we know that the saw must be a right item (since the 4-fooble hair spray and the 8-fooble toothpaste can't be right). Get the idea?

Dont' worry if you didn't figure out this Fooblitzky Puzzle. Players can visit the City Hall as often as they want. In a real game, information usually comes in bits and pieces, rather than all at once, as in this example.