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• Author: Marc Blank and Dave Lebling
• Released: 1983
• Genre: Fantasy
• Difficulty: Standard

Welcome to the World of the Enchanter saga - a world where magic is commonplace, a world where guilds of professional magic-users spend their lifetimes mastering the intricacies of thaumaturgy, a world where great forces of evil must constantly be held at bay.

An Evil Warlock has subjugated the land to his power. All who have opposed him have failed. But many years ago, in another age, the great Elders of the Circle of Enchanters foresaw the possibility of these dreaded occurences. They realized that no fully accomplished Enchanter could penetrate the Warlock's defenses unrecognized, and knew that the task of freeing the land would fall to a journeyman conjurer.

You have been identified as the Apprentice Enchanter who must save the land from the Warlock.

As a fledgling Enchanter, you have learned your lessons but have not faced all your tests. You possess great power, but in the ranks of necromancers you are a lowly and ignorant person indeed. You have been well trained in the basics of magic, and you will be greatly aided by the spells you know and the spells you will learn. But you must also rely on your powers of obersvation and quick wits.

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