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• Author: Westwood Associates
• Released: 1988
• Genre: RPG
• Difficulty: -

In the 31st Century, brutal wars are waged in giant machines, and human lives are cheaper than water. In this action-packed RPG, you are Jason Youngblood, a warrior cadet who must fight to preserve his planet, his honor and his life.

  • BattleTech includes "The Arena," a gladiatorical module you can play again and again to hone your skills and accumulate supplies.
  • BattleTech features the richness of plot and depth of detail that you have come to expect from Infocom games.
  • You will see animated game sequences rendered in the distinctive style of Japanese "monga" comics.
  • BattleTech features the largest RPG universe ever created, with over four million different locations on the computerized playing board.
  • BattleTech features the most explosive warfare and complicated strategy of any computer RPG.
  • BattleTech is a fully integrated part of FASA's BattleTech universe. It was developed with Westwood Associates, creators of Phantasie III, Questron II and Summer Games.
  • Your BattleTech package includes a game disk, an exciting full-color poster, and an official Weapon and 'Mech Recognition Guide.

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